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Here at TheRagingFruits we have a clear set of rules set in place. In order to make our server a great community and for it to continue as a great community everyone must abide them!

These are the server rules as of June 10th, 2016:

- NO Offensive Language! (Cursing, sexual, etc.)

- Always do as Staff say.

- DO NOT disrespect any staff members at any time. You will be punished if you decide to do so.

- DO NOT ask to be a part of the Staff. Use le forums to apply.

- No hacking/modding/glitching of any kind. Staff can choose to either ban you or destroy anything you may own...

- ALWAYS report errors and rule offenders to the Staff so we can deal with it!

- No Combat Logging. Combat Loggers will be caught and killed.

- Only Moderators of the Staff can participate in Player vs Player Combat, raiding, griefing, or any type of player vs player "negative interaction". 6/14/2016

These rules can change at anytime and it is your job to make sure you adhere to these rules.
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Here at TheRagingFruits we encourage a strong community which is why having a forum is so important to us. It allows members to communicate outside of the realm of Minecraft.

In order to have a mature and safe forum, please abide by our basic forum rules below

Hey! Let's do this:

- Be Nice and Polite...

- Think Before Posting...

- Post in Relevant Section(s)...

- Remain on Topic...

- Report Content...

- Abide by Developers Terms of Service...

Minecraft is available on a variety of platforms authored by a variety of developers, each platform and developer has their own Terms of Service and TheRagingFruits Forum members are required to abide by these at all times. This includes the Mojang EULA, Xbox TOU, Sony PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita Terms of Service, iTunes Store Terms and Conditions and the Google Play Terms of Service.

Yeah... Let's not do this:

- Use Profanity or Post Inappropriate Content...

- Flame or Provoke...

- Spam...

- Bump Threads...

- Advertise...

- Behave in a Malicious Manner...

- Engage in Illegal Activity...

TheRagingFruits Forum is located in the United States therefore United States law must be followed at all times. This includes Copyright law and Computer Misuse law (Malware, Virus etc.).

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