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[Pinned] Welcome to TheRagingFruits!

Here is where you can say hello to everyone explain who you are and find out about other people!
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Loukas317819Small GreenyWolf 6y

Greetings fellow humans

I would like to introduce this manifestation of my consciousness known as Sholificaso. I play on this server sometimes and that is all you need to know about me. I'm on the run from the feds so i dont like to give out too much info about myself. I...
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Sholificaso3962Small Yager 6y


Hello, My name is Maxwell. I am from Threnody Build / GFX Team and we joined your server to see if you would like any building and or GFX work done. GFX Wise we can do Banners, Avatars, Server Icons and Logos. Building Wise, I am the head builder,...
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Alright so.Many know me as Jam. But minecraft name is Jammers because the guy named "Jam" wouldnt sell me his account for $100. I guess this is more of an introduction rather than information. I guess ill just make a list of stuff. I'm a minecraft...
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My Life :)

So, I'm 13 years old, but I'm a dank meme master :0 I'm a guy, blue eyes, blonde hair, Exactly 5 foot, and I like to have a lot of fun! I love small minecraft communities because it feels like we are all one big family, I guess the reason WHY I li...
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