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[Pinned] I miss you guys.

[Pinned] I miss you guys.

Heyo potatoes.So it's been quite a long time since we've been on the server together or even talked outside of it. I don't even know how many people will see this but YEA.This server will always be the best thing that ever happened to me. I rememb...
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Derish1436Small Derish 5y

[Pinned] Plugin and server suggestions

I've started this thread to take in ideas for plugins or any other server related suggestion. Please let me know if you think we should add any new plugins or make more arenas, shops, etc. If you have a suggestion, either leave a link to the plugi...
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Yager153310Small GreenyWolf 6y

[Pinned] If you're a builder and you require a plan before building:

This is where you will write out your build idea before you are allowed to build it. You must describe in full detail what you plan to build and provide at least one reference for us to determine if your build will be worth the time or not.
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Yager3898Member avatar small maceslick 6y

[Pinned] Server Update 1.9

The server has updated to 1.9 and we're excited to see who's going to be the best when it comes to combat in the near future.I hope to see you online..
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Yager0418Small Yager 6y

How QuickBooks Payroll for Mac can Help Owners

If you've got a purchaser which is a small to medium-size non-income agency grappling with a couple of units of information for various, super charge range, there may be a manner to make this recordkeeping less hard. This article explains a way to...
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Get All Nutrients and Minerals by Cooking Food in Rice Cooker

Cooking has its own importance especially when you cook for your family and friends. It gives you immense pleasure and an amazing experience. People find most of the fun while preparing food in the kitchen with their dear ones. There are many cook...
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samuelgreg8241268Small Yager 5y

Inappropriate image

Hello i would like to call attention to something that may have escaped your attention thus far but in my opinion is not a good way to portray this community. I have attached the item in question.
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Sholificaso4928Small GreenyWolf 6y

Love the new site!

Well I am loving what you are doing to the site! and the server really is progressing! Great job guys, you have done a lot!
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jeremyadamcik2572Small GreenyWolf 6y

Faction Home for Newbies

I have recently been struck with boredom and I wanted to go into realestate. I want to make decent homes for people who are new to the server. For anyone that wants to buy one of my homes, I will be will to converse in order to get a price suitabl...
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thatcorner51073Small GreenyWolf 6y


Give me ideas of what to put in the donator shop k ty.
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Vizimeister3737Small Cheesed 6y

Anyone to reply to this thread before the Grand Re-opening gets [OG] status!

The title says it all. The server will be opening soon. If you reply to this thread before February 20th, you will be given permission to have the [OG] status instead of Member or include it with your moderator/admin status. Thanks! Invite your bu...
Small Yager 6y
Yager153087Small Yager 6y

TheRagingFruits' Great Depression

I don't know about you guys, but i want to play on this server(not alone of course).... But there's one problem: NO ONE'S ONLINE! Seriously, just come online including YOU Yager.i haven't been on the server for over a month and still no one is onl...
Small Toasty 8y
Toasty2672Small Toasty 8y

The server

Now.. I don't normally get into this kinda thing but I felt it was needed.I remember when this server was golden, people came and went by the day some didn't even speak a word, but still, it was a flowing system that worked.And now. Because of one...
Small mythicalfate 9y
mythicalfate122755Small Loukas 9y

Big reunion

So when are you free to all meet up? :D I suggest sunday: about 10PM GMT time.
Small Loukas 9y
Loukas112500Small RHQ_Dager 9y


Anyone remember CoolCraft? Well, I want to take like a group photo with the others who had "memories" with it. I first joined around August 2012. When Yager introduced minecraft to me and added me to his faction. Hell, I even remember the house I ...
Small Toasty 9y
Toasty51254Small Loukas 9y


Hey Guys, It's your friendly neighborhood guy Toasty. No one is online. Wtf? I remember when this server thrived every day. If you're having problems with the update, then message me and I'll send you a download link to a version changer. It's fre...
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Toasty2671Small Loukas 9y
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