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Banned / Muted

[Pinned] Current List of All Banned Members

Current List of All Banned Members from April, 2016 to Present:- Player Files- [Staff Member] - [MM]/[DD]/[YY]: [Player] | [Reason] - [Duration]---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GreenyWolf - 4/13/...
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GreenyWolf01592Small GreenyWolf 6y
Banned / Muted

[Pinned] Ban Appeal Format - READ FIRST!

People have emotions that change every day. One day they might be upset and argumentative and the next day they regret what they did.So this section of the forums is dedicated to anyone that has been banned or muted so we can monitor you and when ...
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Loukas1598Small Loukas 9y
Banned / Muted

yager jammers banned me

jammer banned my ip and said i hacked. I DO NOT HACKhallowU said i was flying around and killing everybody. He is lying with his self pitty so he can raid my base. PLS HELP
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CMJG024993Small Yager 6y
Banned / Muted

FadedAxis7's Ban Appeal

Sup Its Faded And I got banned for Bad Language and Little 9 Year Olds Flipped Out And screen shotted me and i was banned. i have recently got into single player and i have enjoyed this server for quite a bit on beardielover777 and have moved on. ...
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Banned / Muted


Hey Yager I have a question for you and it's a seriously deep question for me. The question is could you atleast tell Thecreeperlover1 to build something so he fells needed because he says he isn't going to get back on and I really enjoy playing t...
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Banned / Muted

Knightfury22 (Banned)

Knightfury22 has been banned for advertising. Witnessed by Dovahjun, sentence carried out by lcmattern. Yager has been sent a screenshot of the offense over skype.
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Banned / Muted


I have noticed M0GO is banned but dont know why,So if you have any information about it please put it here.Just dont bother asking me why she is banned :P
Small Loukas 9y
Loukas246335Small Loukas 9y
Banned / Muted


Banned for Unknown
Small Loukas 9y
Loukas3900Small Loukas 9y
Banned / Muted


Banned for being rude and excessive greifing.
Small Loukas 9y
Loukas81863Small Loukas 9y
Banned / Muted


Banned for swearing excesivley,after warnings,offensive faction names and discriptions,staff disrespect continuley.
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RHQ_Dager2657Small Loukas 9y
Banned / Muted

Mdb's ban appeal/unban appeal

first of all i want to know who banned me and i was mad that alexhines was liengand that Rholi blew up my house with tnt witch by my knowlege isint allowedits not my fault others make me mad i say the truth but pepole dont belive me i hate it whe...
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mdbhockey81902Small Loukas 9y
Banned / Muted

Northstars UnBanning Appeal

To whom it may concern, Toady, I was banned because I advertised. My true intention was not advertising though. It was to simply tell a friend of mine about a server (a multi-minigame server, that includes skyblock) so I could show him something I...
Small Northstars_0422 9y
Northstars_04222732Small Loukas 9y
Banned / Muted


Banned for physically harassing players
Small Loukas 9y
Loukas61471Small Loukas 9y
Banned / Muted


Banned for modding, Failure to comply with rules and refusing to cooperate with staff
Small Loukas 9y
Loukas2683Small BeardieLover777 9y
Banned / Muted

Unban appeal

Well hold on for a nice long story guys.I started playing coolcraft a little longer than a year now and back then when Rholi was still a member me and him would fight everyday... I would always lose but we would still fight. After about 4 months o...
Small KingCool257 9y
KingCool257163323Small Loukas 9y
Banned / Muted


This is by Ecrafter as you may of heard i was banned and this is why im writing.The reason I got banned was cursing rholi out.The only reason I did that was because he killed a guy named Jack_frasier for no apparient reason. So has anyone may or m...
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Banned / Muted


Banned for: Spawning Items, using OP powers to wreck servers eco.
Small Loukas 9y
Loukas71660Small Loukas 9y
Banned / Muted


Banned for sexual harassment of other players
Small Loukas 9y
Loukas1473Small Loukas 9y
Banned / Muted


Banned for hacking
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Loukas1415Small Loukas 9y
Banned / Muted


Banned for combat logging
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Loukas1393Small Loukas 9y